Monday, December 17, 2012

Adwords spend $25 get $100 link doesn't work

I tried a recent Adwords special, spend $25 get $100 using this link I followed the instructions to the T, but I never received my coupon code and when I contacted Google, they told me to contact Parallels Web. Parallels Web told me to contact Google. So I'm stuck in NO HELP LIMBO. I recommend to not use the link above as you will most likely suffer the same fate that I did. Alternatively, if you HAVE used the link above with success, please let us know about it. Having said that, the link above did not work for me.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

No Doubt Looking Hot Video complete

If you've arrived here, your no doubt looking for a video by No Doubt no pun intended.

As you know, No Doubt's video LOOKING HOT was quickly pulled from YouTube just moments after it's release because it offended so many people. The spineless jellyfish at Interscope records didn't want to OFFEND any more viewers so it was pulled. The video depicts a cowboys and indians scene in which Gwen Stefani dresses like a cowboy on some shots and an indian in some shots. She also appears in this freaky red dress that blew my mind at first. I didn't understand what I was looking at.

You can watch No Doubt's LOOKING HOT video here no, in full! No tricks. No funny stuff. It's the real video, until it gets pulled.

Anyway, click the video below to watch No Doubt's banned video Looking Hot.

Video copyright 2012 Interscope Records. Used in conjunction with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and public domain fair use rights.

watch no doubt's banned music video looking hot right here in it's entirety

gwen stefani in looking hot video. watch it here now!
hurry up and catch this banned no doubt video before someone pulls the plug in it. This is the real thing. -->

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How To Get $100 Adwords Coupon

I've often received these $100 Adwords coupons from Google. I'm not sure why I receive them, but I have to guess that it's due to the fact that I have an Adwords account, but I never use it. It came with my Google product suite that I signed up for years ago.

I may have had one campaign along the line, but I find that Adwords does not work for me. In any case, I want to tell you how I THINK you can get these coupons.

Sign up for a Google product, Gmail, YouTube or whatever. Sign up for Google Adwords, create a campaign, set a budget and WAIT!

The point of these $100 Adwords coupons is to get you to input your Billing information, as you cannot redeem the coupon with populating those fields.

Hopefully, you will receive a free $100 Adwords coupon via email! If you intend to use the coupon, do not share the number as you can only use the Adwords coupon once!

Once you receive your $100 Adwords coupon, you must complete the billing information. You will have to make a payment of at least $10 in order to start the campaign.

GOOD LUCK and let me know if this works for you! P.S. I am giving away the code for the $100 Adwords coupon I just received.

Since you can only use the code once, please hurry.

You can get the code for the $100 Adwords coupon here!

$100 Adwords coupon

Often, Google will email $100 Adwords coupons to help people make the decision to get started with Adwords. After all, $100 is quite a bit of money and who wouldn't want to capitlize on that?

I personally do not use Adwords and therefore do not need the coupon. I am offering it up here. The first visitor will get it.

If you copy and paste it into your Adwords and it DOESN'T WORK, then that means somebody already used it. Please do not email me if it doesn't work, ok?

Here's your free $100 Adwords coupon code.

$100 Adwords Coupon

Friday, August 24, 2012

How to contact Google places

I often get asked the million dollar to contact Google Places. Well, simply put you don't. This is even more truer now that Google plus local has taken over Google Places. If you insist on contacting Google, you can try one of the published numbers for Google general. Click here to see the Google contact info on this blog.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Contacting YouTube

Do you wish to contact youtube? Contacting youtube is just like contacting Google. Prolly because they are the same company? Anyway, youtube has a page called CONTACT US. Here is the link headquarters is in san bruno, CA. Here is the contact information.

Our Address

You can contact YouTube at the address below.
YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066
Phone: +1 650-253-0000
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

I have never tried calling but I seriously doubt if they would be able to help an end user with an issue. but who knows, you might try contacting yourself and see what happens?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Google Phone Number

I have had many people ask me what is Google's phone number? Can I call and talk to someone at Google? The chances of you calling Google and getting somone on the telephone are very slim. But there are some published phone numbers for Google that you can try. Here are some of Google's phone numbers.

Google Mountain View, CA
Phone: +1 650-253-0000

Google Ann Arbor
Phone: +1 734-332-6500

Google Boulder Colorado
Phone: +1 303-245-0086